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U & CV Joints & Drive Shaft

Cv axle shaft
Part # TO-8165 | Line Code: SRK

Not Fitted / Universal

Product Details
Outboard Joint Type Conventional
Inboard Joint Type Male
ABS Tone Ring Included Yes
Axle Nut Height (mm) 20
Overall Compressed Length (in) 24.84
ABS Ring Type Toothed
Number of Outboard Splines 26
Axle Nut Thread Size M22*1.5
Number Of Inboard Splines 24
Number Of Outboard Joint Bolt Holes N/A
Axle Bolt Thread Size N/A
Axle Bolt Length (mm) N/A
Axle Bolt Hex Size (mm) N/A
Number Of Inboard Joint Bolt Holes N/A
ABS Ring Tooth Count 48
Axle Nut Hex Size (mm) 31.8
Axle Nut Height (in) 4/5
Axle Nut Locking Type Stake
New Or Remanufactured New
Boot Material Neoprene
Inboard Bolt Head Size (in) N/A
Axle Nut Head Type Hex
Outboard Bolt Head Size (in) N/A
Number of Bolt Holes N/A
Number Of Inboard Shaft Bolts N/A
Number Of Outboard Shaft Bolts N/A
Outboard Joint Bolt Thread Size N/A
Inboard Bolt Length (in) N/A
Outboard Bolt Head Size (mm) N/A
Outboard Bolt Length (in) N/A
Inboard Bolt Head Type N/A
Inboard Bolt Thread Size N/A
Inboard Bolt Head Size (mm) N/A
Inboard Shaft Connection Style Male
Inboard Bolt Length (mm) N/A
Outboard Shaft Connection Style Conventional
Outboard Bolt Head Type N/A
Outboard Bolt Length (mm) N/A
Axle Nut Length (in) 1 1/3
Axle Nut Length (mm) 34.4
Overall Compressed Length (mm) 631
Axle Nut Hex Size (in) 1 1/4
Axle Nut Included Yes
Part Terminology CV Axle Shaft

Features & Benefits
Limited Lifetime Warranty. ABS axles fit non-ABS applications unless otherwise noted. ISO 9001:2008 and TS 16949:2009 Certified Company

Application Summary

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