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Air Brake Air Line Fitting
Part # 860-2 | Line Code: TTN

Not Fitted / Universal

Product Details
Heavy Duty Supplier Yes
Part Terminology Air Brake Air Line Fitting

Features & Benefits
Discover Tectran's Collette Style Fittings - for Transmission Tubing Collette -Universal Collette Design: Engineered to adapt universally to a broad spectrum of transmission systems, these fittings guarantee compatibility and ease of use -Crafted with Precision: Meticulously engineered for a secure and reliable connection, minimizing the risk of leaks and ensuring your transmission system's integrity -Built to Last: Fabricated from top-tier materials, these Collette fittings are constructed to endure the most demanding conditions, providing an extended service life and steadfast performance -Effortless Integration: Featuring a user-friendly design, these fittings enable straightforward integration, simplifying your transmission connections and reducing installation time -Dependable Transmission Control: Place your trust in Tectran's Collette Style Fittings for Transmission Tubing Collette, ensuring consistent and trustworthy transmission control. Enhance the efficiency and confidence of your transmission system Elevate your transmission connections with Tectran's Collette Style Fittings for Transmission Tubing Collette, offering unmatched compatibility, precision engineering, durability, ease of integration, and dependable transmission control. It's the fitting you can rely on for your transmission system.
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