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British poly-armour pvf steel brake line 3/16 x 12
Part # PAB-312 | Line Code: AGS

Not Fitted / Universal

Product Details
End 2 Thread Diameter 3/8 - 24
End 1 Thread Diameter 3/8 - 24
Polyvinyl Fluoride Coated Yes
Line Diameter 3/16 Inch
Line Material Steel
Inside Diameter 3/16
Line Length 12
Bendable Yes
End 1 Flare Type Bubble
End 2 Flare Type Bubble
Outer Spring No
Outer Wear Guard No
Pre-Formed No
Fitting Type Tube Nut
Fitting Finish Zinc Dichromate
California Proposition 65 WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm
Finish Zinc Dichromate
End 2 Fitting Size 3/8 - 24 Inch
Length 12 inches
Material Steel
End 1 Fitting Size 3/8 - 24
Part Terminology Brake Hydraulic Line

Features & Benefits
BRITISH LINE - ISO BUBBLE FLARE - AGS is the industry leader in the automotive aftermarket for steel brake, fuel, and transmission lines. Combining only the highest quality components, AGS manufactures steel lines that lead the automotive aftermarket in quality, coverage, and fill-rate. Poly-Armour has become the new standard in brake line replacement over the last several years. Surpassing all competitors as THE choice for both professionals and do-it-yourselfers when it comes to brake, fuel, and transmission line repair, Poly-Armour is different from anything else on the market due to its PVF or Poly-Vinyl Fluorine coat. This coating is actually a highly durable 'plastic' coating that is 'baked and cured' to the line. This provides extra protection from corrosion, debris, and road surfacing solutions. It also offers superior bend-ability without kinking. That makes Poly-Armour the easiest line to work with - period. Underneath the PVF-coating is a double-wall, low carbon steel, copper brazed tubing which meets all international and U.S. requirements for brake tubing. The difference being that Poly-Armour offers 30 times the corrosion resistance of galvanized steel alone. PVF-coated lines are now the standard in many vehicles on the road today including: Volkswagen/Audi, Honda, Toyota, and Mercedes. Considered a premium line, Poly-Armour should be used on any vehicle that will see any type of harsh environment including snow, road treatments, salt, air, dirt/gravel, etc. When extending the life of the lines is important, Poly-Armour should be used; such as on commercial vehicles or when exact OEM replacement is required or desired. - Poly-Armour is 30x More Resistant to Corrosion - DOT Approved for Hydraulic Brake Systems - Bends Easier than Standard Steel Tubing - Available in Coils of 25ft and 50ft - Finished Lines Available for Domestic and Import. Poly-Armour lines and tubing meet the following specifications: SAEJ527b, GM123M, SAEJ1290, DIN 74234
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